You Have to Start Somewhere..

What is media relations?

Well, to start, you have to realize that it is a part of public relations.

As defined by “Media relations is the linkages with the media personalities and resources that facilitate an organization in getting a favorable, timely, and widespread editorial coverage.”

Let’s break it down:

  • Linkages: Can also refer to relationships.
  • Media personalities: Not just the pretty face on camera, but her editor. In order to get anywhere, you have to know who to talk to, and who is interested in talking to you.
  • Resources: Are every way of using media to get information out to your publics. TV interviews, radio interviews, articles in the paper, and more recently social media channels like blogging or social networking are all useful resources.
  • Favorable, timely, and widespread:  It is up to you to learn how to make these results happen. Building relationships with the media will bring you likability, learning their time lines and schedules will help you make your news timely, and finding the right channels for your organization will make your news travel in all directions.
All in all, its about building and maintaining good relationships with the media and utilizing the channels it has to offer for the benefit of your organization and its publics.

Media relations is my biggest interest in the field of PR. As a student approaching graduation I am excited to dive in and learn what I can, and bring you along for the ride.

I plan to bring insight from outside sources, as well as my own inferences and opinions. Using some of the contacts I have I also hope to post helpful advice from those in the field, from both the PR and media view points.

Let the journey begin!


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